(Luft) TAI Kaan (TF-X)
Zitat:The TAI KAAN – Turkiye’s 5th Gen Fighter – How does it stack up?

First of all, a little digression. How come Turkiye is developing, and flying a prototype 5th Gen Fighter? This is a valid question, given that the US, while they would probably claim to have the only true 5th Gen combat aircraft, appears up to this point only to have competition in this field from the Russians and the Chinese, along with an experimental demonstrator from Japan. The Europeans have largely met their current needs with the very capable, but not Low Observable (LO), Rafale and Typhoon, and are debating how to jump to a Gen 6 product in competing international project proposals.

Meanwhile, Turkiye has been embarked on a decades-long quest to develop a national aerospace industry capable of developing and integrating high technology combat aircraft, remotely piloted and autonomous systems, weapons, and the necessary sensors and systems, and able to integrate these into a significant locally developed and produced Defence capability.

Mit dem Helmsystem Tulgar das eigens für den TF-X Kaan entwickelt wird werden bereits Tests an F-16 durchgeführt.

Zitat:Der zweite Kaan-Prototyp wird anders aussehen als der erste
Seit dem Erstflug Ende Februar ist es um den neuen Kampfjet der Türkei recht ruhig geworden. Weitere Flüge sind bislang nicht erfolgt. Dennoch läuft das Projekt "Kaan" weiter auf Hochtouren: Ein neuer Kaan-Prototyp soll bis zum Sommer fertig sein.

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Türkischer Kampfjet Kaan, Vorstellung
Foto: Aytac Unal/Anadolu Agency via Getty Image
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Bis jetzt hat Kaan die Welt nur ein einziges Mal von oben gesehen – bei seinem Erstflug am 21. Februar. Der dauerte keine Viertelstunde, dann kehrte Testpilot Barbaros Demirbaş mit dem ersten in der Türkei entwickelten Kampfjet wieder zum Werksflugplatz von Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) vor den Toren Ankaras zurück. Seitdem steht der Kaan-Prototyp wieder in seinem Hangar – hat im März aber immerhin eine neue Lackierung erhalten.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan
Was kann Kaan? Der neue Stealth-Kampfjet der Türkei
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Zweiter Prototyp bald fertig
Unterdessen arbeitet TAI weiter mit Nachdruck am Bau weiterer Testflugzeuge. Der zweite Prototyp steckt bereits in der Endmontage und nimmt erkennbar Form an. Er soll, türkischen Insidern zufolge, im Juni oder Juli aus der Halle Rollen. Gemäß geltender Rahmenverträge wird TAI außerdem bis 2026 noch ein drittes Flugzeug an den Start bringen. Spätestens dann ist zu erwarten, dass die Flugerprobung des neuen Stealth-Fighters deutlich Fahrt aufnimmt. Immerhin sieht der Plan der Türken weiter vor, ab 2030 die ersten zehn Block 10-Serienmaschinen an die Luftstreitkräfte auszuliefern.

Zitat:Altınay to Develop Smart Pneumatic Quad Rack for KAAN
30 Apr 2024, 04:15 1 min

Altınay to Develop Smart Pneumatic Quad Rack for KAAN
Altınay and TUSAŞ inked a deal for the national design and production of the Smart Pneumatic Quad Rack to be used in KAAN and other fighter jets. Altınay Defence Technologies, as a subcontractor of ASELSAN on the SADAK-4T project, undertook the design and production of critical subcomponents of a Smart Quad Rack system between 2016 and 2020. Smart Pneumatic Quad Rack stands out with its high reliability, ease of use and easy integration. Its technology will enable the controlled release of today's modern aircraft bombs with pneumatic ejection. Altınay Defence works on the critical components of the Smart Pneumatic Quad Rack, which can be integrated into two stations of the F-16 aircraft. The Quad Rack provides the opportunity to engage eight different targets in one sortie as it has a multi-store carriage capacity. The Quad Rack System will be integrated into approximately 250 aircraft, including Kaan, and further aircraft to be delivered to the Turkish Air Force.

Zitat:KAAN Fighter Jet’s Second Prototype to Fly in 2025
03 May 2024, 05:29 2 mins

KAAN Fighter Jet’s Second Prototype to Fly in 2025
TUSAŞ announced in its monthly magazine that the KAAN fighter jet’s second prototype, P1, will make its maiden flight in 2025. The magazine stated that 29 KAAN fighters and the aircraft that will be delivered to the Turkish Air Force would be produced by 2028. KAAN’s fighter jet took its maiden flight on the 21st of February 2024 at Akıncı Air Base, next to TUSAŞ facilities in Kahramankazan, Ankara. The aircraft, escorted by the Turkish fighter jet F-16, performed its maiden flight around the airfield. Design changes compared to the prototype can be expected, such as alterations on the airframe to optimise performance. KAAN is designed as a multi-role aircraft, mainly for air domination, with air-to-surface roles considered. The fighter will benefit from • Augmented lethality with support of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks • Increased air-to-air engagement ranges with Novel Weapons • Precise and accurate weapon firing from internal weapon bays at high/supersonic speed to reach its air domination role.

Zitat:KAAN Performs its Second Flight
06 May 2024, 06:59 2 mins

KAAN Performs its Second Flight
Acco4ding to social media,Turkish Aerospace’s indigenous fighter aircraft KAAN performed its second flight today, 75 days after its maiden flight. The interval between two flights gives many hints about the aircraft. The “health” of aircraft is measured from telemetry room in the facility. The aircraft is equipped with various sensors to measure actual data received during the flight. The data received during the flight is analysed during the flight. More data is received from aircraft following its landing.

Ein Video von zweiten Testflug des Prototypen, des Jagdflugzeug Kaan.

Zitat:TAI exec claims 20 Turkish KAAN fighters to be delivered in 2028
By Agnes Helou on May 14, 2024 at 2:01 PM

KAAN, Turkiye’s homegrown fighter jet, carries out its second successful test flight
The second flight of the national combat aircraft KAAN, which was initiated by the Turkish Defence Industries Presidency (SSB) in order to meet the combat aircraft requirement of the Turkish Air Forces Command and developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), is carried out successfully in Ankara, Turkiye on May 06, 2024. According to the statement made by SSB, KAAN stayed in the air for 14 minutes, reaching an altitude of 10 thousand feet and a speed of 230 knots. (Photo by TUR Defence Industries Presidency/Anadolu via Getty Images)

BEIRUT — Only one week after the second test flight of Turkey’s domestically-produced KAAN fighter, Turkish Aerospace Industries’ general manager has announced that the firm expects to deliver 20 aircraft by 2028 — and is making some big claims about its capabilities.

Zitat:Turkiye Presents KAAN to the Aviation World
03 Jun 2024, 07:20 4 mins

Turkiye Presents KAAN to the Aviation World
Turkiye presented its KAAN 5th generation fighter jet to the FCAS 2024 international summit, where participants worldwide joined to express their views. Speakers from various countries, including the U.K., France, Turkiye, Spain, and Saudi Arabia, joined the event. The presentations at the summit were centred around the rising UAV threat, future air combat technologies, and lessons from recent conflicts. Tim Robinson, Editor-in-Chief of the Royal Aeronautical Society’s AEROSPACE magazine, covered the presentations from the event. The U.K. and France presented the operation concepts for their respective next-generation fighter programmes, GCAP and SCAF. Both programs continue to be interested in the Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) type of operation. The U.K.’s view on GCAP includes increased connectivity with a cloud-like approach to control and communication.


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